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Traditionally, safety hasn’t been top of mind when organisations add cars to their fleets. No one sets out to buy a below-par vehicle but the purchasing criteria tend to be focused elsewhere.

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But is an electric car a realistic proposition for you? While the idea of driving an electric car can be appealing to many of us, the reality of what this entails is still relatively unclear to a number of people.

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A fleet policy defines what your business wants to achieve with its vehicles, and sets parameters for procurement and driver behaviour. The essentials of a fleet policy are all around providing clarity for: 

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In this issue we dive into electric options for your fleet, peer into the future of automation and how to prepare for it, take a look into recent ANCAP crash tests between a 1990 Toyota Corolla and its more modern brother, show you how to minimise

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Journey to Carbon Zero - Step Two - Your Fleet Mission

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