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Why lease.


Financial Choice

Leasing is a genuine and attractive alternative to bank loans and other finance options available to your business.

Cash Flow Friendly

Leasing can be a cash flow friendly and tax effective way to acquire new vehicles and equipment for your business.

Minimise Your Asset Risk

Drive your business forward with fleet without locking up your working capital in depreciating assets. 


Running a business relies on cash flow so why not keep yours where you can get at it.



7 steps of leasing
A quick overview of the steps you go through to lease a vehicle.
Business Solutions
Our innovative solutions can help drive more value from your vehicle assets.
Lease v Ownership
Download our overview on why businesses lease versus own.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it cheaper to repair an aging fleet rather than replace it?

You’ve invested in the right fleet for your business, but do you know where the tipping point is, when the repairs become unsustainable or when vehicles are being under- utilised? FleetPartners do. Choose a FleetPartners fully maintained operating lease or fleet management option to remove the risk of managing depreciating assets and we will take care of compliance, registration, repairs and reporting for you – leaving you with more time on your hands and more cash in your pocket.

Does owning my fleet makes better economic sense?

By making the choice to own your fleet, you will be fully aware of the depreciation you have already incurred. But add to that the servicing and maintenance costs of managing an aging fleet and you could be tying up capital that could be better spent in other areas. With a FleetPartners Sale and Leaseback we can buy your vehicles and lease them back to you on a fully maintained basis removing any future risk and because they have been previously owned, you could unlock substantial reduced FBT obligations.

Why lease? At least if I own my company vehicle, I can get something back when I sell it

If you don’t consider a new vehicle every three years of benefit, travel a considerable distance each year, don’t want to be locked in to a fixed term contract and are happy to manage the asset during your ownerships ie. breakdown, accident, relief vehicles, maintenance, tyres, WOF/COF, RUC’s, fuel etc, not to mention taking the hit on depreciation at disposal and any interest payments you need to make on a loan, then ownership is definitely the right decision. If you like the option of upgrading to a new vehicle every three years, would like someone else to manage the risk of managing a depreciating asset, get access to additional discounts through the scale of buying power, improve your bottom line and have more cash in your hand, then a FleetPartners leasing, management or finance option could be for you.


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