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When you lease with us, you get a new vehicle
without paying cash up front.

Choose from any new make or model in New Zealand, outsource maintenance and repair hassle.
All for one fixed monthly payment. 



Free up capital
Operating Lease

Reduce residual risk, the administrative burden of a fleet, and free up cash with our operating lease products.

Optimise your fleet
Fleet Management

Increase productivity and reduce your fleet's impact on your bottom line with a Fleet Management solution.

Short term leasing

A flexible, low cost lease over shorter terms that makes good economic sense.

Trucks & Trailers
Commercial Lease

Fund your trucks and commercial equipment without denting your cash flow. 

View our latest vehicle offers

+ GST per week

Hyundai Kona BEV entry 39 kWh

Lease payment based on a Fully Maintained Operating Lease for 60,000kms over 48 months. 

+ GST per week
Ford Ranger FX4 2WD

Ford Ranger FX4 2WD

Lease payment based on a Fully Maintained Operating Lease for 60,000kms over 48 months.

+ GST per week

MG3 Excite

Lease payment based on a Fully Maintained Operating Lease for 60,000kms over 48 months.

Improve fleet safety while reducing operating costs and meeting tougher compliance requirements.
FBT Management
Let FleetPartners manage your quarterly FBT exemption collection and reporting through our secure online portal.
One Stop Shop
FleetPartners Commercial can provide you with truck and materials handling equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is vehicle leasing?

A vehicle lease is an agreement with a specialist finance company that allows a business to obtain the benefits of using a vehicle for a fixed period of time and an agreed number of kilometres, for a fixed monthly payment. While the leasing company owns and often manages the vehicle maintenance, servicing and registration, the business can use it for as long as they’ve agreed as if they were to own it.

The key to understanding vehicle leasing is to understand whether owning vehicles makes sense for businesses. There are a few questions to ask here. Are vehicles an asset actually worth owning? Or given that vehicles depreciate in value, cost more to maintain as they age, and will ultimately go out of date and be replaced, should businesses simply view vehicles as replaceable business tools and pay for them as they use them? 

Leasing offers you a smart economic way to obtain the benefits of the vehicle you require today to help run your business without a large cash outlay. You pay as you go and the leasing company does all the hard work managing and maintaining the vehicle, making it hassle-free for you. When your vehicle requires replacing, you upgrade to the latest model, which can be safer, more fuel-efficient, and meets your needs for the next few years.       

Leasing or buying to own - which is better?

Buying a vehicle 

Buying a vehicle requires a large outlay of cash upfront, which means you end up paying for the entire cost of a vehicle before getting the business benefits. You might have to take out a loan for the full purchase price for a vehicle that will depreciate in value as it ages.

There are maintenance costs, Fringe Benefit Tax, and then the cost of paying someone to manage fuel expenses, servicing and even paying infringement notices. It all adds up.

Leasing a vehicle 

You don’t need to own a vehicle to reap the rewards. When you lease a vehicle, you can outsource the vehicle admin, upgrade to a brand new vehicle every 3 or 4 years, and free up cash to invest in other parts of your business.

How long can I lease a vehicle?

Leases vary in duration but typically leases last for 12 to 48 or even 60 months. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you can select any number of months between 12 and 60 months. So, if you wanted a 51-month lease term that would be fine. Generally, the longer the lease term, the lower the monthly lease payments.  

What happens once the lease ends? Easy. Simply return the vehicle, extend the lease or upgrade to a newer model.

What is a Fully Maintained Operating Lease?

Fully Maintained Operating Lease is most popular as it takes care of everything for you. You can consolidate most running and maintenance costs into one monthly payment. With flexible terms from 36 to 60 months, you get visibility over your costs and the FleetPartners team manage the day-to-day for you. This includes maintenance, servicing reminders, repairs, registration, roadside assistance, relief vehicle service and more.

What kind of vehicles can be leased?

Any new vehicle make or model whether it be petrol, diesel, hybrid or a full battery electric vehicle. It is very common for utes and trucks up to 35 metric tonnes GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) to be leased. It’s important to understand that it’s the choice of the customer as to what vehicle(s) they select. If you want help selecting the right vehicle, you’re in the right place. FleetPartners are experts at that and can work with you on a range of considerations from vehicle safety to lowering emissions.  

What happens at the end of my lease?

Easy. Simply return the vehicle, extend the lease or upgrade to a newer model.

What if I have a short-term requirement less than 24 months?

With FleetPartners, you can lease a quality ex-lease vehicle with EzyDrive on a Fully Maintained Operating Lease. It’s a shorter term solution for businesses who may want to trial leasing, or only need a vehicle for 12 or 24 months. FleetPartners offer New Zealand new, well-serviced vehicles complete with a 100-point mechanical check, and you can choose a term from 12 to 45 months.


You’re backing out of a carpark in your company vehicle and all of a sudden your vehicle comes to a crashing halt. You’ve just backed into a pole.

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