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Whether you need to finance just one car or a fleet of vehicles, you can count on our expertise
and experience for the perfect solution to meet your business needs.



Reduce Asset Risk
Operating Lease

Simply pay for the use of your fleet over a fixed period, rather than carry the risk of owning business vehicles. 

Free Up Capital
Finance Lease

Acquire the vehicles your business needs without tying up your working capital. 

Get a Cash Injection
Sale & Leaseback

Release the capital locked up in your existing fleet, and transfer your residual risks to us.

Trucks & Trailers
Commercial Lease

Fund your trucks and commercial equipment without denting your cash flow. 

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*Information current as at 9 October and subject to change.  Lease repayment based on a Non Maintained Operating Lease for 60,000kms over 48 months for the vehicles described above for eligible business customers or individuals for business purpose. Credit criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Model pictured may differ from model quoted. Other lease terms and Km’s available on request. Offer available for vehicles ordered on or before 31 December 2017. If Mobil and BP fuel card are incorporated in lease rate.  Fuel card terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Fuel not included. Fuel disounts apply to FleetPartners operating lease customers only. Fuel Discounts include GST.

Improve fleet safety while reducing operating costs and meeting tougher compliance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you want to capitalise vehicles on your balance sheet?

Since vehicle ownership rests with the leasing company, operating leases don't show on your balance sheet. Lease payments are treated as an expense, making your vehicles simply a cost of running the business rather than a depreciating asset.

There are good reasons for removing the vehicles from the balance sheet. These include, improving the gearing level that you disclose, or to enhance your overall business performance ratios.

Does owning my fleet makes better economic sense?

By making the choice to own your fleet, you will be fully aware of the depreciation you have already incurred. But add to that the servicing and maintenance costs of managing an aging fleet and you could be tying up capital that could be better spent in other areas.

With a FleetPartners Sale and Leaseback we can buy your vehicles and lease them back to you on a fully maintained basis. This removes any future risk and because they have been previously owned, you could unlock substantial reduced FBT obligations.

Find out how much your fleet is worth today.

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Are your credit facilities fully utilised?

Funding vehicles and other assets can tie up a significant portion of your available credit facilities. The best use of an overdraft may be for day-to-day transactions (such as buying stock which is able to generate profit), while assets should be funded separately.


Relying on drivers to collect the right kind of data for calculating Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) for fleet means many businesses choose the easier statutory method of reporting, rather than the opera

1. Choose models and variants that minimise depreciation

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