Sale and Leaseback

Channel your capital for maximum ROI

Reallocate the capital tied up in your existing fleet with our Sale and Leaseback program. We buy your vehicles at an agreed price and then lease them back to you, giving you access to working capital to invest in higher-yielding initiatives.

Upgrade your fleet

Owned vehicle fleets are often older and managed in-house by non-vehicle experts. This means they can lack auditable processes to ensure the safety of your drivers. We can help to identify potential risks before they emerge, with detailed escalation procedures to ensure safety is at the fore.

Free up capital

Free up capital tied up in vehicle ownership, giving you the ability to invest in growth and higher return activities.

Fleet assessment and strategy

We will determine the useful economic life left in each vehicle asset and define a total fleet solution to meet your stated organisational goals.

New insights on your fleet

Get 24/7 access to your vehicle data with our purpose-built, fleet and driver technology solutions. 

Access the benefits of a Fully Maintained Operating Lease

With leasing, you can take advantage of reduced vehicle admin, our buying power and supplier network, our added services, and vehicle expertise. 

Book a free fleet assessment

FleetPartners will meet you on site to give you a no-obligation free fleet assessment. You’ll get:

  • A valuation of what your fleet is worth in lump sum value.
  • Risk report identifying vehicles by model, age and kilometres that may represent a higher risk to your business.
  • Written recommendation of your fleet and action points that align with your business goals.

Free up capital now

Find out more about our Sale and Leaseback program and how it works