Fleet sustainability: a ‘good’ choice

Your journey to carbon zero with electric vehicles

Businesses play a vital role in reducing New Zealand’s carbon emissions. Transitioning to an electric fleet can help us achieve those targets, as well as reduce your own CO2 emissions, lower your operating costs, and enhance your reputation. We can help you meet your carbon objectives and fleet sustainability goals by leasing hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles. Or if you have a large fleet, we can guide your transition to a low or zero-emission fleet, through our Journey to Carbon Zero program.

Transition your fleet in five steps

Set your carbon strategy

Decide and document what you’re looking to achieve and in what timeframe.

Understand your fleet mission

Define the purpose of your fleet and how it needs to service your business.

Select your vehicle

Choose the right mix of vehicles that work for your organisation.

Charging and infrastructure

Consider how you will charge your vehicles from home, the workplace or public charging to keep your vehicles on the road, as seamlessly as traditional petrol vehicles.

Get your people on board

Engage your team for a smooth transition to a more sustainable fleet.

Reap the benefits of going green

No matter the reason you’re choosing to move to a sustainable fleet, the benefits can really stack up in your favour.

Keep operating costs down

Electric cars generally have lower operating costs than conventional or hybrid vehicles, due to less moving parts.

Lower emissions

Electric vehicles produce significantly less CO2 emissions over their lifetime – so your business will be playing its part towards a greener, healthier planet.

Latest technology and brands to market

The range of low and zero emission models is increasing rapidly. More choice and competition among the major manufacturers means more competitive pricing.

Improved brand reputation

Consumers are making more informed decisions about who they buy from based on their sustainably track record. Make the choice easier for your customers by transitioning to more sustainable vehicles – a great way to showcase the values of your business.

Start your journey to a Carbon Zero Fleet

Transitioning your fleet is not a simple 'replace with EV' approach. It requires a carbon strategy, an understanding of the fleet's mission, vehicle selection, designing the right charging solutions, and bringing your team on the journey.

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