Save on fuel costs every day

Say goodbye to the administration burden of managing the fuel needs of your fleet. Get up to 13 cents per litre discount on fuel through BP, Mobil and Z with FleetPartners discounted fuel cards.  Pay at the pump with no minimum purchase and get just one fuel invoice for all of your fleet vehicles. 

Save on your fuel spending

Save now, pay later, one invoice

We’ll consolidate the fuel card costs into your monthly invoice, and tally and apply the discounts in one go. No more saving hundreds of receipts!

One fuel card per provider

Cashless fuel fill up is available at more than 1,200 petrol stations across the country.
FleetPartners fuel cards are accepted at all BP, Mobil and Z petrol stations in New Zealand. 

More than fuel

Choose to include fuel and oil only purchases on the card for your vehicles or an option for drivers to purchase all products in-store to purchase. 

Get fuel usage and costs in one report

View all your fuel consumption data and costs in one place, so it’s easier to gain insights that can improve your business and save on costs in the future. 

Find your closest petrol station through our driver app.
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