Make public charging easy with ChargeNet

At FleetPartners, we're dedicated to making your electric vehicle (EV) experience effortless and rewarding. That's why we've teamed up with New Zealand's top EV charging provider, ChargeNet, to offer our customers access to their extensive public charging network as part of our lease services. 

Growing nationwide network

From Cape Reinga to Bluff, we’ve got you covered. With a ChargeNet RFID fob, you’ll have access to more than 300 fast charging stations (and expanding), giving EV drivers a convenient and reliable EV charging network throughout New Zealand. 

Streamlined accounting

ChargeNet transactions will appear on your FleetPartners fuel invoice the month after the transaction. FleetPartners handles all invoicing of your charging sessions, so you don’t need to separately register a ChargeNet account with a credit card.

Please contact FleetPartners at 0800 438 435 or at for any account or billing inquiries. For all charging or technical enquiries, please contact ChargeNet on 0800 224 274 

How It works

Where to charge?

We’ll send your ChargeNet RFID fob directly to your preferred address. Once received, your charging journey can begin!

Find your nearest charging station below. 

How to charge?

  1. Plug in your vehicle. 
  2. Start your session by simply swiping or tapping the fob on the designated area on the charging station.
  3. Stop the session by swiping or tapping your fob across the readers to unlock your charging session. Then press the stop button on the display interface.
  4. Cost of charging session will appear on your following monthly fuel invoice.  

You'll find several different types of chargers across the ChargeNet network, and they all work slightly differently. If you need a hand learning the ropes, full instructions can be found below.

ChargeNet App

You may want to download the ChargeNet app so you can easily locate a charging station and to see if the charging station is available in real-time. 

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