Reduce your fleet admin time with Road User Charges management 

Let FleetPartners manage your Road User Charges (RUCs) for your fleet. RUCs are a tax imposed on vehicles that either do not pay fuel tax directly or are deemed to cause road damage based on their weight. It is crucial to ensure that your vehicles' RUCs are kept up-to-date, as the revenue collected from these charges directly funds infrastructure and transport projects such as building new roads, improvements, maintenance, and public transport. So let us do the hard work for you - we'll manage the update of your charges and simply add them to your monthly bill. 

How we can help you 

Save on time

With FleetPartners managing your RUCs, you're saving a lot of time and administrative hassle, not to mention ensuring consistent compliance with road and transport legislation. 

  • Avoid infringements for overdue RUCs
  • New labels are sent directly to the nominated address 30 days before the current labels expire
  • Reduce your fleet management administrative time 
  • Easy to view on your monthly invoice!

Who pays RUCs?

RUCs are mandatory for:

  • Vehicles over 3,500kg
  • Diesel vehicles 
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) 
  • Electric vehicles (EVs) 

Vehicles exempt from RUCs:

  • EVs weighing over 3,500kg until 31 December 2025
  • EVs weighing under 1000kg such as electric motorcycles and mopeds
  • Full or mild hybrid vehicles incapable of plug-in charging
How It works

Easy RUC management

  1. If you're leasing vehicles with FleetPartners, your new registered vehicles will always be delivered with a minimum of 1,000km of Road User Charges upfront - but if you own the vehicles, it can be easy to forget to order more before they expire.
  2. We can proactively manage the printing and distribution of your Road User Charges to all vehicles in your fleet, for just $2 a month per vehicle. Plus, the cost is conveniently added to your monthly incidental invoice. 
  3. 30 days before your current Road User Charges labels expire, we'll send new ones, calculated from your vehicles odometer readings. 
  4. For diesel and plug-in hybrid vehicles we highly recommend using this service alongside our Fuel Card management service, to streamline this process. 

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