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At FleetPartners we have over 30 years’ experience delivering heavy trucks and commercial equipment across New Zealand. Get the vehicles you need without large upfront purchase costs. Plus, bundle most of your truck’s running costs into a single monthly budgeted payment, so you know exactly how much you’re paying and when. Whether you need one truck, or many, we’ll help you source the right vehicles for the job using our leading commercial fleet leasing experience.

How to lease a truck with FleetPartners

Leasing a truck can be a complex process. At FleetPartners, we make truck leasing easier for you. Mitigate health and safety risks, unexpected maintenance costs, and licensing issues – our personalised, purpose-built process and industry expertise will help you get the job done.

We get to know your business and your needs

We gain an understanding of your usage requirements, industry, and preferences.

Nailing the body specifications

From dimensions to lights, load anchorage to tail lift – we’ll work through your desired specifications and work with a team of specialists to recommend best practice for your industry.

Finding your truck and requesting pricing​

Next, we match a truck to your requirements and request pricing. Our strong relationships with truck distributors and body builders ensures a superior product that’s well supported throughout its lease.

Sign and build 

You review the lease quote and sign it if you’re happy. We then stay in communication with and manage suppliers throughout the entire build process.

Special delivery!

It’s time for delivery! In most cases we'll attend your truck delivery with on-site commissioning, along with the supplier. We run through the truck systems and body to ensure you’re prepared.

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When you need a Truck in your business

Are you thinking of buying a truck for your business but are hesitant to navigate the world of commercial vehicles? Rather than sinking your capital into purchasing a truck outright, why not lease one?

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How to get a new truck with FleetPartners

There are many intricacies and complexities of leasing a heavy commercial vehicle like a truck. These can lead to some common pitfalls we often see when clients purchase a truck - like health and safety risks, high maintenance costs and expensive corrections.

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