Advertise with vehicle branding

Signwriting or branding your vehicles is a great way to showcase your business on the road. We can manage all your vehicle signage needs, from a basic logo through to a full vehicle wrap – it’s your choice.*

A moving billboard for your business

The benefits of being seen

Reach your target market

Customising your vehicles with your logo and branding means you’re advertising your business without lifting a finger. And the more you’re out and about, the more exposure your business gets.

Integrate the cost into your lease

We can include the cost of the signage in your monthly lease payment, so the costs can be spread out over the term of your lease. Alternatively, you can pay upfront.

Supplier network benefits

Take advantage of our authorised supplier network to get an extensive range of options and excellent quality, at competitive prices.

Customised options to suit

We can work with you to find the best signage solution for your needs and budget, from complete coverage on your vehicle to a simple logo.  

* Customised vehicle branding must be removed prior to returning vehicles to FleetPartners at the end of their lease term.

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