Save time on tolls

Our toll management service will help your fleet breeze through tolls New Zealand wide. We’ll take care of toll management for you – and your drivers won’t have to pay at the time of travel.

No more late fees

Say goodbye to overdue toll payments and admin fees associated with vehicles using toll roads without a tag. We’ll handle your toll expenses on time, every time.

Streamline processes and reporting

A streamlined toll management solution – we take care of processes such as electronic photo tolling, and distribution and management of vehicle tags. We then consolidate and itemise your toll notices into a single report.

How It works

Easy toll management

Reduce the tax complexity that can come from leasing vehicles by streamlining your reporting.

  1. We manage your toll payments for you.
  2. When your drivers use a toll road, we’ll automatically manage billing and payment.
  3. These charges are then added to your monthly FleetPartner’s incidentals invoice.

Get toll management

Whether you have one vehicle or 5,000, take advantage of our toll management services