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The Interiors Group

The Interiors Group are experts in flooring & window furnishing solutions and transforming New Zealand's living spaces.  The business needed to modernise and centralise their vehicle fleet for their retail stores.

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Pablo and Rusty's

Running a small business is not without its challenges. And for Pablo and Rusty’s, a small coffee-roasting business based in Sydney, Australia, keeping their business on the road is crucial to their success.

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Glass Team

Aucklanders trust Glass Team to complete their projects with the highest quality, providing the latest product and technologies for their commercial and residential clients.

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BSH Home Appliances

BSH Home Appliances are on their journey to carbon zero by transitioning their vehicle fleet to electric vehicles.

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Best fleet forward: Mainmark

From re-levelling buildings to ground improvement solutions, Mainmark’s been supporting the integrity and security of homes, buildings, roads and bridges for over 25 years.

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Beverage Brothers

Beverage Brothers is an innovative and unconventional alcohol distribution company, bringing distinctive brands to the New Zealand market. Established in 2016, they’re one of the fastest-growing alcohol distribution companies in New Zealand.

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Journey to Carbon Zero

As the long-standing vehicle leasing supplier to NZ Post for over 20 years, FleetPartners has more recently been assisting NZ Post with their transition to low CO2 and electric vehicles.

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Moa Brewing Company

Moa Brewing Company is an independent, family owned and multi-award winning brewery from Marlborough, New Zealand. Founded in 2003, Moa is one of the pioneers of craft beer in NZ and continues to produce a broad range of beers and ciders from the original brew site just outside of Blenheim.

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Jess Blair

As a naturopath and nutritionist, Jess is always on the go visiting clients, picking up product or driving to meetings. She needs a reliable vehicle that can get her around the city easily and is well maintained. Find out more about why Jess loves to lease with FleetPartners. 

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Barnardos, a leading children's charity in New Zealand, works tirelessly to make lasting positive impacts on the lives of children, youth, and families. Through collaboration and empowerment, they create nurturing environments and resilient communities, helping everyone reach their full potential.


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