A modern and professional fleet for The Interiors Group

FleetPartners drives Carpet Court and The Interiors Group to success

With more than 60 locations nationwide under the Carpet Court and CurtainStudio brands, The Interiors Group’s mission is to provide quality flooring and window furnishings to retail, trade, and commercial customers. Their fleet helps them achieve great customer service, but with over 200 vehicles to manage, meeting the demands of their growing business is no small feat. Here’s how FleetPartners helped them on the road to success.

Carpet Court Manukau retail store


The Challenge

The Interiors Group has made a number of acquisitions over recent years which meant they had built up a decentralised fleet with many different vehicles across their group. With each new business that the group purchased, the fleet varied from employees owning vehicles outright to leasing vehicles from various providers. They also had a disjointed use of fuel cards, with three separate ones within the business at one point in time.

This lack of cohesion led to fleet inefficiencies and made it difficult to track and control expenses. The Interiors Group team needed a solution to streamline their fleet management, regain control, and boost the overall professionalism of their fleet.


The Solution

FleetPartners worked with The Interiors Group to standardise the fleet management process in four key areas:

  1. Vehicle branding: With about 90% of Carpet Court and Curtain Studio's product being installed in their customer’s homes, vehicles are incredibly important to their business. Recognising the marketing potential of their fleet, FleetPartners ensured that each vehicle was consistently branded. These vehicles became mobile billboards, promoting the business across the country.
  2. Fleet visibility & efficiency: FleetPartners started by crafting a comprehensive vehicle policy, ensuring uniformity and adherence to best practices across all locations, which was a crucial step in improving operational efficiency. With FleetPartners' assistance, The Interiors Group gained real-time visibility into their fleet's movements, allowing for better resource allocation across different regions. The ability to see these insights has helped immensely, as they can move them around as business requirements change.
  3. Cost optimisation: FleetPartners helped streamline costs, covering everything from procurement to maintenance services and fuel management. This allowed The Interiors Group to focus more on its core business and customer service. 
  4. Health and safety: The vehicle policies created also brought The Interiors Group more visibility and control over what vehicles they’ve got in the business and helped improve health and safety for their team. It allowed them to make sure that maintenance was always taken care of, warrants and registrations were up-to-date, and their team knew that they had support at the end of the phone if they needed it.

"One of the biggest benefits of working with FleetPartners has been the freeing up of time and energy for my store managers and team right across the country. They're able to now concentrate much more on the business and making sure that we're looking after our retail and trade customers." - Bryn Harrison, CEO The Interiors Group

Decarbonisation goals

The Interiors Group's long-term sustainability aspirations include reducing their carbon footprint. FleetPartners plays a crucial role in helping them achieve this by introducing hybrid and electric vehicles into the fleet. FleetPartners organised informative drive days for the team to experience electric vehicles first-hand, dispelling myths and building confidence in the new technology. They also assisted in selecting manufacturers and procuring the first hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This was a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable fleet.

"Working with FleetPartners experience has been excellent, right from day one. They've been a terrific partner to work with, especially when it comes to coming to us with innovative ideas and ways that we can do things better - rather than being one of the suppliers that waits for us to come to them." - Bryn Harrison, CEO The Interiors Group

The verdict

In the world of retail, time is money, and efficient fleet management is the key to success. FleetPartners is an ongoing strategic partner for The Interiors Group on their journey to streamline and optimise their vehicle fleet. By providing consistency, visibility, cost control, and a pathway to carbon zero, FleetPartners has transformed their fleet into one that is modern, sustainable and set to help the business achieve even greater success. 

Whether your business has 1 vehicle, 10 or 100, we’re here to help.

So you can get back to what you do best – running your business.