Benefits of leasing a vehicle

Why lease? It’s easy, and it frees up your cash

Wondering if leasing a vehicle for your business is right for you? Leasing can help free up business cash, outsource the management of your vehicles to save you time, and keep your costs in check. So, leasing lets you focus on the things that are more important – like looking after your customers and business.

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Here’s how you benefit

Maximise your tax savings

Depending on your business circumstances, vehicle leasing expenses could be 100% tax deductible, when treated as a business expense.

Make budgeting easier

Take advantage of one fixed monthly payment, including scheduled servicing and maintenance costs and budgeted expenses.

Get the latest vehicles

Choose from an extensive range of new makes and models, the lease term you need, accessories, and vehicle signage to suit your business needs.

Free up cash

Instead of spending your business cash on vehicles, invest it to help grow your business. Plus, with our national buying power and strong supplier network, discounts for things like scheduled servicing, maintenance and parts are built into your monthly lease rental.

Outsource maintenance so you can focus on running your business

Leasing with FleetPartners allows you to outsource the administration and management of your vehicles, so you can spend more time running your business.

Increase your brand’s visibility

Your vehicles are a moving billboard. You can choose to include vehicle wraps or sign writing to build your brand#. Signage costs can be included in your monthly lease payment – simple.

Vehicle specials

#Customised vehicle branding must be removed prior to returning vehicles to FleetPartners at the end of their lease term.


Find out how leasing can make a positive impact on your business

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