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How do operating leases work, and what is fleet management?
From running costs to maintenance, contracts to upgrades, here you’ll find all of our most frequently asked questions, in one handy place.

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FAQs for business

    What is a vehicle lease?

    A vehicle lease is an agreement with a specialist finance company that allows a business to obtain the benefits of using a vehicle for a fixed period of time and an agreed number of kilometres, for a monthly payment.

    What are the benefits of an operating lease?

    With no major upfront costs and a single monthly payment, you’ll know what you’re spending each month. So you get the vehicles you need and keep your cashflow in check. Plus, we take care of all the vehicle admin for you, so you don’t need to spend time sorting out fuel receipts, tolls notices and registration. And it’s not just for big businesses either. Leasing can suit businesses of all sizes with the need for only 1 vehicle or 1,000.

    What is included in a Fully Maintained Operating lease?

    A Fully Maintained Operating Lease includes vehicle finance and a range of services to make the management of your vehicles less time consuming. These include: 

    • Scheduled servicing and maintenance
    • Replacement tyres
    • 27/7 roadside and breakdown assistance
    • Annual registration
    • Driver support and a driver app

    What happens at the end of a lease?

    Depending on the original lease term you have selected, you have the following options available to you:

    Upgrade your current vehicle:
    Discuss with your Account Manager six months out from the end of your current lease, what replacement options are available. Your Account Manager will be able to provide you with an update on all the latest makes and models and the most cost effective lease options to meet your needs.

    Extend your current lease:
    If you would like to continue driving your existing vehicle, you may be able to extend your lease, based on the lease term to date, vehicle's age and odometer usage. Simply call your Account Manager and request a quote based on the term of the extension available and the additional vehicle usage required.

    Where do I return my vehicle at the end of lease?

    All vehicles are to be returned to our independent vehicle assessment partners at Turners Auction centres. Here, trained Turners staff will complete an assessment of your vehicle in line with FleetPartners’ fair, wear and tear guide. A report is then forwarded to FleetPartners together with photographs, and a copy sent to your company together with a refurbishment cost. Any discrepancies should be discussed with your Account Manager within 48 hours of receipt.

    What add on services are available with my vehicle lease?

    • Telematics
    • Driver safety training
    • Vehicle branding

    Do you have a driver app?

    Yes we have a driver help site which can help.

    FAQs for enterprise

      How many vehicles do I need to justify Fleet Management?

      We manage fleets ranging in size from 10 vehicles to hundreds of vehicles.

      Managing more than 10 vehicles can become time-consuming due to sourcing, maintenance, tax reporting, repairs, and on-road management. Our experienced fleet management team can remove the hassle of fleet management and provide peace of mind for your assets.

      Who looks after the fleet maintenance?

      FleetPartners help keep your vehicles in optimal condition and prevent unscheduled downtime by managing all ongoing servicing and maintenance. This includes arranging providers to handle everything from minor repairs and tire changes to regular servicing, all at competitive prices.

      What is an Operating Lease?

      A Fully Maintained Operating Lease is an excellent way to consolidate most running and maintenance costs into one monthly payment, with flexible terms typically ranging from 3 to 5 years. This type of lease includes ongoing vehicle maintenance and management and is ideal for those who want dedicated support with day-to-day vehicle admin. Go to product page

      Can FleetPartners help with acquiring and disposing of our vehicles?

      Yes. FleetPartners can leverage our national buying power and fleet discounts to source the vehicles you need at a competitive price, often saving our clients thousands of dollars.

      What if we already have a fleet of business vehicles?

      The FleetPartners 'Sale and Lease Back' option is an excellent way to add capital back into your business. We can buy your current vehicles and lease them back at a fixed monthly repayment for your chosen term.

      Additionally, we can review your Fleet Management practices to optimize your asset return and ensure efficient vehicle management.

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      Can telematics make my fleet more efficient?

      Yes, telematics allows you to monitor, analyse, and optimise your fleet's performance. With 24/7 access to detailed reporting, we can work with your organisation to identify areas where efficiencies can be gained, including fuel and kilometre management, infringement and toll management, and maintenance scheduling. Our telematics solution provides valuable insights to help you fine-tune your fleet operations and improve your bottom line.

      What type of commercial vehicles can I lease through FleetPartners?

      FleetPartners offers a comprehensive leasing service that covers a wide range of vehicles and equipment. We can provide leases for light, medium, and heavy vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Our leasing service is designed to be flexible, so you can choose the vehicles and equipment that work best for your business, such as: 

      • Heavy vehicles
      • Trucks
      • Vans
      • Refrigerated vans
      • Trailer / tankers
      • Flatbed trailers
      • Special build bodies
      • Tippers
      • Tautliners

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