Track your fleet vehicles with telematics

With the easy telematics solutions we offer, you can track fleet vehicles and monitor driver behaviour for safety.

Telematics devices report vehicle onboard diagnostics, combined with GPS technology, to record data on a map – tracking things like location, direction, speeding, hard braking, routing, mileage and idling, in real-time! This data analysis not only helps to optimise your fleet, it also recognises and manages potentially unsafe driver behaviour.

From a simple hard-wired device to a car screen solution, dashcam and artificial intelligent driver monitoring, our fleet management telematics solutions can be tailored to your needs.

Why add telematics?

Improve driver safety

With our telematics solutions, you can pre-emptively manage and correct driver behaviour. Telematics data is accessible online so you can easily see the location of a vehicle and the type of driving that occurs and includes information on speeding, harsh corners, harsh braking, red light adherence and excessive idling. The data is a powerful tool. When supported by your fleet policies and WHS procedures, it aids effective conversations with your fleet drivers to help manage fatigue, reduce the risk of accidents from speed, erratic driving and harsh breaking, and improve overall driver safety awareness.

Reduce fleet costs

If you can measure it, you can manage it. We work with specialist telematics providers, to give you 24/7 visibility of your fleet. This means you can use the data to track and manage costs associated with:

  • fuel consumption
  • fleet asset allocations and fringe benefits tax (FBT)
  • accident, damage and theft-related insurance claims
  • traffic infringements, and · non-work-related vehicle usage
  • excessive wear and tear for poor driver behaviour

Optional add ons for your industry

Telematics solutions give you more options to support your drivers and your fleet including optional add ons like, artificial intelligent dashcams that can monitor driver fatigue, to multiple driver tracking and satellite connection for remote areas. 

Here’s what you can do

  • Visually identify start and finish times, arrival times and route efficiency 
  • Receive live alerting for critical events, including speeding, excessive idling, delay times and engine performance
  • Minimise risk to your drivers by monitoring driver behaviour and benchmarking safety outcomes
  • Use the dashboard or download actionable and accurate information to help you identify areas of concern or ways to save time and costs or areas of improvement 
  • Access a range of reports to fulfil your compliance requirements

Let’s find the right telematics solution for you

Our FleetPartners telematics solutions give you more visibility of your vehicles – improving driver behaviour and reducing business costs.