Pool fleet management and vehicle booking

Easy and efficient pool vehicle booking

If your business uses pool vehicles, then keeping track of everything can become time-consuming and costly. Streamline bookings and monitor usage with our easy and convenient vehicle booking solution. And it’s not only easy for you – it’s efficient for your drivers, too. They can book a pool vehicle, make a vehicle choice based on their specific needs, location, time and availability and you can harness the power of data intelligence to keep track of everything.

Streamline pool vehicle booking system

Purpose-built for benefits

More visibility

With our pool vehicle booking system feature, you’ll have more visibility across your whole fleet. Get the big picture, and hone in on the details to make intelligent vehicle allocation decisions which minimise maintenance costs and improve whole-of-life vehicle outcomes.

Save time and effort

Plus – you’ll save on pesky admin time by managing your pool bookings, locations and drivers in one place. With our driver app, drives can also manage their bookings on the go, saving time and ensuring productivity and greater efficiency.

Purpose-built process

We’ve applied decades of fleet management experience to design our purpose-built pool vehicle booking solution. From uploading a vehicle to the portal, all the way through to accessing data and reporting after the booking, it’s an efficient and user-friendly experience for fleet managers and drivers.

Strategic improvements

Our team works with you to undertake strategic quarterly reviews of your fleet and pool vehicle operations. This ensures you have the right mix and quantity of cars, both now and in the future. The reviews also identify further opportunities to optimise your fleet and save you money – a win win.

Ultimate accessibility

Our system seamlessly operates on desktop and mobile devices. 

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