6 Mar 2023

How Mainmarks Fleet Improved their Customer Experience

From re-levelling buildings to ground improvement solutions, Mainmark’s been supporting the integrity and security of homes, buildings, roads and bridges for over 25 years. The complex problems they deal with require unique solutions, and Mainmark’s imperative is that they deliver services both cost-effectively and efficiently.

The nature of Mainmark’s line of work equates to a large investment from the customer. It’s not a small decision for customers to future-proof and invest in the long-term, so first impressions are paramount in the ground engineering company’s customer approach.

Vehicle appearance and cost holding Mainmark back

Five years ago, first impressions weren’t seamless for Mainmark. Their talented, hard-working sales team used their own personal vehicles to go out and meet customers. They were a professional team, yet the unbranded, mix of different personal vehicles didn’t showcase them to the highest standard they wanted to portray. 

“We previously had a wide range of cars that people showed up with to client visits,” says Mainmark General Manager Theo Hnat. “We felt that we weren’t putting our best foot forward, so we wanted to increase our professionalism and overall presentation.”

Mainmark decided it was time to lift their customer-facing appearance, by changing their vehicles. After looking into the cost of buying a new fleet of vehicles, they realised the capital outlay was just too high, and so they looked to leasing as a great step forward.

The solution: a fleet of polished SUVs, trucks and a Tesla

When Mainmark saw the opportunity to get what they needed through leasing their vehicle fleet, they came to FleetPartners. They knew FleetPartners could recommend the best selection of vehicles to suit their needs, produce a fleet of branded vehicles to give them the professional look they were seeking, whilst also giving them cashflow control, by paying for their vehicles as they use them.

Mainmark and FleetPartners completed a whole-of-life cost analysis, which made it obvious that the long-term cost to lease was lower than managing a fleet and maintenance themselves. 

Supply chain issues in the vehicle industry have been an ongoing cost throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond. This was also a concern for Mainmark, and they felt comforted in the fact that we could reliably provide them with vehicles for their specific needs.

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“FleetPartners really listened to our needs as a business,” says Theo. “In the last couple of years with the vehicle supply chain issues, they’ve provided recommendations and helped us adapt to using brands that were available. That meant new team members could start and they weren’t waiting around for more than six months due to supply chain issues.”

Mainmark has recently introduced more sustainable vehicles to their fleet, including two Hybrid Toyota RAV4’s. The company has a long-term plan to transition to more sustainable vehicles as the leases come up for renewal.

Having a fleet that reflected Mainmark’s values was a no-brainer. “One of our values is sustainability,” says Theo. “We use technologies that are less invasive than alternate methods so it means a smaller carbon footprint compared to other technologies, to achieve similar outcomes.”

Working with safety in mind

Keeping business moving even if a vehicle is off the road is imperative for Mainmark. This is why Mainmark like having access to FleetPartners relief vehicle service; if an employee’s leased vehicle is off the road for any reason, like an accident, then FleetPartners will provide that employee with a like-for-like replacement vehicle to carry out their work duties. FleetPartners has helped customise Mainmark’s three trucks so they can transport supplies with confidence and ease.

Theo says the switch to branded vehicles has boosted employee morale. “Now, there’s a sense of ownership and accountability for each vehicle. Every employee keeps them very clean, and I see that there’s a sense of pride in turning up to see a customer in a branded vehicle. It looks really good.”

With the ability to upgrade to a new vehicle every three to four years, not only does Mainmark ensure vehicles are compliant and well maintained, they also impress potential customers with their immaculate fleet. In working with FleetPartners, they’re tightening their capital expenditure and enhancing their drivers safety and reliability.