8 Mar 2023

How to get a new truck with FleetPartners

Step by step guide on leasing a truck with FleetPartners

There are many intricacies and complexities of leasing a heavy commercial vehicle like a truck. These can lead to some common pitfalls we often see when clients purchase a truck - like health and safety risks, high maintenance costs and expensive corrections.

Some common pitfalls include:

  • Statements from dealerships about payload may not tell the full story.
  • Trucks have specific loading rates for each axle and your unique usage could mean that while you are under the total payload weight, you could be overweight on one of the axles.
  • Not completely understanding the licensing aspects of getting a truck could get you into legal trouble.

To help, we have a purpose-built and personalised process that makes it easy for you.

Step 1: We get to know your business and your needs

We talk about your requirements and preferences and start to gain an understanding of your industry. We ask questions such as:

  • What work will the truck be doing?
  • Where will it be doing this work?
  • What weight and size requirements are there?
  • What vehicle are you currently using?
  • Why are you changing to a truck?

Step 2: Nailing the body specifications

From here we will begin to nail down the body specifications.

  • Dimensions, tail lift, lighting, door types and location, load anchorage, materials, paint finish and more.
  • Does the truck need to tow? If so, what and how heavy?

Often a customer won’t have experience in planning a truck build, so we make recommendations about what's standard for their industry and go from there.

Step 3. Matching the Truck to Your Requirements and Requesting Pricing​

Next, we match a truck to your payload, suspension, horsepower and transmission requirements based on the earlier questions. Then we request pricing for the truck, along with any accessories either requested by the customer or recommended by us for their application.

We have great relationships with both truck distributors and body builders that will ensure the end product is fit for purpose and well supported throughout its lease. We also factor in lead time and pricing when quoting.  

Step 4. Sign and Build 

We prepare the lease quote and you have the option to sign if you’re happy. Then we follow the truck through the build process, staying in communication with suppliers throughout the entire process.

Step 5. “Special Delivery!”

Lastly, it’s time for delivery. But before we hand you the keys, in most cases we'll attend the truck delivery with the supplier and the customer. 

Here we’ll run through the truck systems and body and demonstrate the tail lift and crane if it’s been fitted. This almost always happens at a customer’s site.

Getting a truck is a complex process that can be riddled with layers of complexity. At FleetPartners, our business is to help your business by taking care of your fleet - so you can focus on running your company. With expertise in every aspect of the heavy commercial truck industry, we make it hard for you to fail.