8 Mar 2023

When you need a Truck in your business

Are you thinking of buying a truck for your business but are hesitant to navigate the world of commercial vehicles? Rather than sinking your capital into purchasing a truck outright, why not lease one?

Heavy commercial vehicles can be complex for businesses to find, fund and manage. An increasing number of businesses are choosing to lease trucks rather than purchase them due to the flexibility, convenience and savings it offers.

Whether you’ve dabbled in heavy commercial vehicles before or have never even considered them, you could be running into a few roadblocks with your current vehicles. Maybe you’re struggling to carry enough products in your ute and need to look at something that can provide enough capacity to carry your products safely. Perhaps you’re experiencing delays around getting your product to market. It could even be that you’ve got concerns about branding or you want to bring outsourced work in-house for more control.

Leasing a truck is a great solution to all those problems. To make sure you stay on the right track, our truck specialists have pulled together a list of the ins and outs of getting the first truck for your business.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Leasing

The Benefits of Leasing a Truck 

Trucks have a lot of advantages compared to utes, especially when it comes to transporting product for your business.

Size and Load Capacity

Unlike utes, trucks are purposely made for carrying heavier loads. Operators can even use trucks up to 5995kg Gross Vehicle Mass on a car licence. This means that your drivers don’t need to get any other class of licence. 

Customise the body

Trucks are more customisable than utes with fully customisable bodies and no FBT concerns.


You might find that you’ve got dimensional constraints, a product that’s an unusual shape, you have products that need to be kept dry, or are too heavy to lift onto the back of a ute. A truck is a great way to cover those requirements.

Expert Support

You get a truck specialist looking after your account who stays up-to-date with the changing legislation and information from truck distributors. This will save you from potentially making costly mistakes that could hurt your business.

No Cash Outlay Upfront

Rather than pay outright in cash for a truck which has a higher purchase price than passenger vehicles, you can pay per month over a set term and get a brand new vehicle.

Pay as you go

Monthly payments are fixed for the term of your choice. This is easy for budgeting and improves cash flow.

Flexible Lease Terms

Choose a lease term that suits you from 36-84 months, and choose the set kilometres per year you think you might need.

Outsource Maintenance

Maintenance, and servicing can be bundled into your lease. This avoids lump sum servicing bills and is totally hassle-free for your team.

Premium Vehicle Branding and Advertising

​​Use your vehicle to promote your business and use graphics from a basic logo through to a full vehicle wrap. These costs can be bundled into your lease.

At FleetPartners, you can set up a truck that suits your specific business needs, and right now we can often get a small truck on the road and ready to work faster than the average ute.

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