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It’s a typical Monday morning. You wake up, have breakfast and get ready to head into the office. Outside your front door the car is waiting. You open the door, buckle up and pull out into the traffic.

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Traditionally, safety hasn’t been top of mind when organisations add cars to their fleets. No one sets out to buy a below-par vehicle but the purchasing criteria tend to be focused elsewhere.

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But is an electric car a realistic proposition for you? While the idea of driving an electric car can be appealing to many of us, the reality of what this entails is still relatively unclear to a number of people.

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A fleet policy defines what your business wants to achieve with its vehicles, and sets parameters for procurement and driver behaviour. The essentials of a fleet policy are all around providing clarity for: 

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In this issue we dive into electric options for your fleet, peer into the future of automation and how to prepare for it, take a look into recent ANCAP crash tests between a 1990 Toyota Corolla and its more modern brother, show you how to minimise

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New Zealand is committed to a carbon-neutral government by 2025, in wha

Hydrogen cars employ the power of fuel cells that run on hydrogen gas and the air we breathe.