Optional extras to protect you and your car

ECO+ Exterior
surface care

A sustainable way to protect your cars exterior with a hi-concentrate ceramic coating for extreme durability, gloss and shine. This means, less time maintaining its appearance!

ECO+ Interior
surface care

Helps preserve and protect leather, vinyl, fabric and carpet surfaces with a water-based protective coating, where everyday spills can simply be wiped away.

ZERO Ceramic
window film

100% metal free, delivers significant protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, dramatically reduces heat in the cabin and therefore reduces air-con usage.

Window film

Our darkest, legal window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and reduces glare. Plus, it looks stylish and provides the ultimate privacy, with a lifetime warranty.

Truseal tyre, wheel
& glass protection

Delivering extreme durability while permanently locking in that factory finish. It also protects against future UV damage and fading.

Driver safety

Peace of mind to keep you and your passengers safe – this kit has everything you need in case of unforeseen events while you’re on the road.

Maintenance and
sanitisation package

The ultimate car cleaning and detailing package. Everything you need to produce a sparkling, professional-style finish – at home.

Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller

Easy to use, smooth and safer breaking for both highway conditions and off-road.

Vehicle drive

Record every drive in full HD quality, with superior night-time vision. Provides both audio and video evidence in the event of an accident.

Dash cams 

Make the smart move and capture every drive with one of our quality dash cameras.

Build your own 
ECO+ protection pack

Vehicle protection that doesn’t cost the earth.
The ECO+ Program includes a range of sustainable products to better protect your vehicle.

EV charging cable

A portable charging cable that’s kept in your car for use with public chargers. A type 2 connector can charge up to 22kw and is one of the most commonly used AC chargers in the world.

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