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Free up capital

A FleetPartners sale and leaseback allows you to gain a lump sum payment for your fleet whilst at the same time transitioning to operating leases with appropriate replacement schedules. We will work with you to determine the appropriate purchase price and lease costs to ensure a smooth transition from ownership to leasing. Under an operating lease, you only pay for what you use, which means that you aren't sinking business equity into a depreciating asset. This can also see a reduction in FBT amount payable.

Forecast my fleet costs

Under a FleetPartners operating lease, rentals are fixed to the end of the term, which makes forecasting fleet costs a breeze. FleetPartners take all the risk when it comes to both maintenance and depreciation, which means you never have to worry about a large maintenance bill or loss on the sale of a vehicle throwing your budgets out again.

Reduce FBT

FleetPartners have a number of effective methods that we can use to help reduce your FBT bill. From our electronic logbook solution, to collecting days unavailable direct from drivers. FleetPartners will work with you to find the best way for you to save at FBT time and provide you access to your data 24/7.

Manage operating costs

Low vehicle utilisation or idle vehicles is one of the main drivers of excessive fleet costs. At FleetPartners we work with our customers to gain an in depth picture of how and when their vehicles are used. This can include our electronic tracking devices, fuel usage reports or our vehicle booking systems. Once we have gathered this information, we work with our customers to make informed decisions about how they can reduce their fleet size.

Reduce fleet size

With over 70,000 vehicles under management on the roads throughout New Zealand and Australia, FleetPartners buying power could provide you with savings you may not normally have access to. Our people come from a hands-on background and are all highly skilled at assessing work requests against the costs submitted to ensure we realise savings at every opportunity to pass on to our clients.


Access my fleet information 24/7

Our customers have access to up to date and relevant reports on fuel usage, maintenance schedules, FBT and much more. Our online portal can be used to access reports on demand, or alternatively reporting can be provided upon request from your dedicated account manager. Giving you the right information allows you to make informed decisions about how best to manage your fleet.

Focus on my core business

At FleetPartners, we have the tools and expertise to manage your fleet administration simply and effectively. From processing infringements, accident management and breakdowns to ensuring each vehicle is registered, FleetPartners will take on the day to day admin tasks of running your fleet, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Want to own my fleet but get the benefits of leasing

FleetPartners Fleet Management can provide all the benefits of Leasing while you retain ownership of your Fleet. From Fuel card and discounts through to managed maintenance, this allows an owned fleet to run like a fully maintained operating lease – leaving you to focus on your business while taking advantage of the cost savings you can achieve through FleetPartners buying power and expertise.

Recommend what vehicles are the best 'fit for purpose'

Drawing data from the FleetPartners fleet, we can provide you with ground breaking benchmarking reports to compare your own fleet costs and operation to other fleets of similar size and purpose and include mapping that shows you the under and over utilisation of vehicles including cost comparisons. This will provide you with a clear picture of how many vehicles you actually need to manage your business efficiently.

Have someone else manage my maintenance risk

Under a fully maintained operating lease, FleetPartners take on all of the maintenance risk, meaning you will never have to worry about costly transmission or engine repair again. Our team of maintenance controllers are experts at ensuring vehicles are maintained as per manufacturer guidelines while keeping costs low at the same time. If you want to continue to own your fleet, a managed maintenance plan of fully maintained finance lease could be options. Our massive buying power means we have managed to negotiate favourable labour rates and other costs with a wide network of dealerships and repairers with national coverage. Quality and safety is key and is something that FleetPartners focus on every day.


Help me manage my Safety at Work obligations

FleetPartners can tailor a Health and Safety audit to identify and mitigate risk. FleetPartners offer on-line driver behaviour assessments that include Skills Awareness to help drivers identify areas where bad habits may have been picked up over the years and provide you with a risk profile of all your drivers that can help improve your bottom line. Results are collated and data available to you 24/7 to enable you to continuously improve driver behaviour and meet your obligations under the 2015 Health and Safety Reform Bill.

Improve efficiencies

FleetPartners manage over 70,000 vehicles and have cutting edge analytic reporting to ensure we maximise efficiencies across our fleet. The use of Telematics has only enhanced the levels of reporting and fleet management we at FleetPartners can provide to our clients.

Increase the visibility of my fleet (utilisation, telematics)

By including Telematics as part of your Fleet Management your business will be in a better position to remove or minimise the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation costs not to mention providing 100% compliancy with government legislation and duty of care obligations. Depending on the level of reporting or logistics your business requires, Telematics can be as simple as a plug in device that manages utilisation of your fleet through to more complex hard wired technology.

Minimise my asset risk

If you don't want the hassle of managing costs and the on-going maintenance of your fleet, a Fully Maintained Operating Lease can provide the ideal solution. Additionally if you have a fleet that you need to release capital from, why not talk to us about a Sale and Leaseback option. If you want to hold on to your assets, a fleet management solution may be a preferred solution.

Want to place a tighter control over running my fleet

If you have a number of vehicles in your fleet with high personal usage, or need access to a pool booking system to maximise utilisation, FleetPartners plug in telematics solution. FleetPartners can also assist in updating your vehicle policy and completing a full assessment of your fleet to ensure you are maximising its usage.

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